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MyBrowserCash – Cash to Browse

Amazing how fast money increase when you let this software work together with your browser. From time to time, you can click on the advertisement.
Payment limit 20 $

EBesucher – a lot of Payment Proofs

Advertising in the visitor and mail exchange

Let them work for you on your desktop

IPaid limit 2$

Dizee PTP limit 2$ Proofs
Dizee PTP

Ultra PTC limit 10 EUR
Ultra PTC

Gold-Barre limit 15$

Get paid to read, to click, to autosurf. Bee very careful with the red banners and links which take out your credits! read whatever you click.


CodeOClick limit 0.5$

AdsPromo DuWeb limit 1$ Proofs

20dollars2surf limit 2o$ Proofs