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You can create one without HTML knowledge

There are a lot of sites which offer you the great opportunity to create your own site, having a good design, sites which help you to input elements to the pages – What you see is what you get.
I recommend you Weebly. It is free and easy to use. You can create an web address, to, using their host.
Why do you need your own website?
Being online or the traditional form of business, every entity in the world of earning requires online communication keeping in view the availability of wide market of target consumers within the medium as well as the level of customer interaction and response rate is also getting higher than that of other such as TV, Radio or the on ground. Designing a website although requires special skills however as the years passing by, any individual can learn a few basic fundamentals that are required to obtain from being a website designer. Developing for the first time is not the only task, managing it with the regular update in data with provision of smart backup support of the business is the actual support that a business requires. Despite of the jobs that require some special skills, the interactive medium also provides various other options that only require general time sharing and or input of data.

Online services are provided with the ease of time and availability. Fill out surveys, blogging and promoting the particular products are a few jobs that could be obtained and fulfilled easily. However there are numerous options of the full flash businesses working completely online in a virtual form. This includes E-Commerce, Digital Products, Affiliate Marketing, CPA and other of such kind. For an individuals these ideas are new, making a choice out of the numerous available could be a very difficult decision.

To take the best step forward, it is advised to begin with building personal checklist containing available options of work online from home with the skills and competencies exists within you. For acquiring the job of a blogger, you are required to write interesting articles or at least having interest in writing. To conclude above all, the decision lies within you, make your goals, plan the work you can earn livings from and start a new horizon of a successful career.

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